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Enjoy your walk in a traditional way …

The most beautiful moment of your life or even your child becomes even more exciting

About us

Live in Naxos the most beautiful moments of your life as a fairytale by enjoying a traditional horse-drawn carriage with a white horse as marriage or baptism of your little prince or princess

Carriage ride

Our coach carries romantic paths in a beautiful area where you have strongly the intense presence and the sound of the sea waves.

    What we offer…

    Love and innocence relationship …

    We offer our services at wedding car trips, giving you a special touch at the most important moments of your life.


    Necessary for organizing your baptism with a boat in our beautiful Cyclades.

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    Carriage ride

    Our horse-drawn carriage runs along the seaside, in a beautiful area next to the sea, and you can rent with a ride from citizens and tourists.


    Our horse-drawn carriage runs along the seaside, in a beautiful area next to the sea, and you can rent with a ride from citizens and tourists.

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    Horse Carriage

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    Please contact us for any questions or booking ..

    You will find us on the phone:+30 6992222280

    The most beautiful moments require proper planning for your wedding, baptism or any event you usually have enough to book 1 month ago. However, if you have decided, it is best to arrange it earlier and secure it with a down payment. If you want to get horse or donkey on horseback, be sure to tell us about the details at least 15 days in advance.

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